History of The Wolfs Head

The story is a simple one. Build a warm, friendly place to eat, drink and be merry, while surrounded by collectables from around the world.


Welcome to the Wolfs Head Restaurant & Bar! The Wolfs Head is located on property that was once the trail of the Black Hawk Indians, hunting and war parties to and from the Great Lakes used the trail. This area was also known for the large packs of wolves, which roamed the countryside, hence the name “Wolf Road”. In more recent history, Al Capone and his merry men were familiar figures at a golf course once located across the street. On the walls of the restaurant you will find many interesting things to gaze upon.


In the entryway is a solid brass Chicago Historical Society marker that was removed from the old Lasalle Hotel in Chicago. The marker attests to the fact that the Whitechapel Club originated on a site next to the hotel and was a meeting place for all the renowned newspapermen of the past.

Move ahead to today, and we have renovated our decor a bit! A modern touch while still keeping the quaint feel our customers have come to love.

Make yourself at home at Wolfs Head Restaurant & Bar in our dining room, outdoor patio or in our lounge today! We also offer carryout for you to enjoy all your Wolfs Head favorites in your home or office.

NEW Garage Door Patio Dining

Enjoy a cocktail, glass of wine or draft beer with your meal or in our lounge along with complimentary popcorn.

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Sun – Thu: 11AM to 11PM

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6937 Joliet Rd, Indian Head Park, IL 60525
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